What If Real Life Was More Like the World Domination Summit? + #WDS Wrap-Ups

As I described in my previous post about how I had culture shock returning home after the World Domination Summit in Portland, I thought to myself, “What if real life was more like #WDS?”

On the Monday and Tuesday after WDS I scanned comments on my post, read other people’s re-caps, and saw twitter updates about how people were feeling after the conference. I felt as if the air was being slowly let out of a balloon. There was so much passion and confidence shown by attendees for achieving their goals, it was contagious. I want that feeling to continue.

What Would Real Life Be Like?

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the things that aren’t usually true in the real world, but definitely were at the 2011 World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.

  1. You could impress the opposite sex by saying you are quitting your job to find yourself.
  2. You would actually want business cards.
  3. People would go to the after party and have real fun.
  4. It would feel like you are walking through twitter, but you could use complete sentences.
  5. It would be normal to watch random feats of strength by Steve Kamb & Joel Runyon at 2 AM.
  6. You could get multiple amazing portraits of yourself.
  7. Instead of emailing or tweeting an A-List blogger, you would just go talk to them.
  8. You would randomly learn how to Bollywood dance on command with 500 people.
  9. Each day would be more inspiring than the last.
  10. You’d be in the minority if you didn’t have a blog.

And lastly, the world would be a better place if the real world were more like WDS.

World Domination Summit Reviews & Re-Caps

If you are going through Portland withdrawal and want to read what other people’s thoughts from the event were, here is a list of all of the WDS reviews, thoughts, and remarks that I have found on the web. (I know I’ve probably missed plenty, so if I am missing yours, please comment below with a link to it or email me at caleb@calebwojcik.com and I’ll add it to the list.)

Lastly, I threw out the question of “What if real life was more like #WDS?” on twitter and got some great responses. Melissa's is my favorite. :)

What do you think real life would be like if the World Domination Summit was everyday? How are you going to carry what you were inspired to do throughout the next year until WDS 2012?

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