What Does Financial Independence Mean?

(Today is Memorial Day. Please take a minute to thank someone you know in your life that has fought for your freedoms and independence. Thank you Grandpa Pollard.

My mission is to create a movement of new adults filled with financially independent twenty somethings that are free from debt and fiscally responsible.

There are many people that are hoping and trying to get their financial lives back on track and I am willing to help anyone that needs guidance. That being said, I think the demographic that needs the most assistance is the one I am apart of.

Whether they’re still in college, working full-time, just starting a family, or buying their first house, people in their twenties are at a critical point in their life. Actions twenty-somethings take now will echo through the rest of their lives; especially decisions involving money.


Most of what determines someone’s financial situation is due to choice.

Choosing to slowly pay off loans from school can cost tens of thousands of dollars in extra interest. Choosing to buy a house or car that is out of the budget can lead to financial burdens for life. Choosing to rack up consumer debt on stuff that is unnecessary can ruin not just your wallet, but relationships too.

By making better choices that are more aligned with the values of one’s life, financial independence can be reached.

What is Financial Independence?

The phrase financial independence means different things to everyone. The general definition is that you can live off your investment income, but it is not important for there to be a single definition that everyone agrees to. What IS important, is that you know what it means to you.

Does it mean…

You never have to worry about whether you can buy something? You don’t have to work at a job you hate anymore? You have enough money to pay off all your debt? You can afford to follow your passions and dreams? You can live off just one income in your family? You can retire at 30? You are able to take care of all your immediate family’s needs?

Determine what financial independence means to you and then figure out how you are going to get there. Whether it is as simple as saving up a $1000 emergency fund or as complex as creating a business that provides you with passive income, determine what financial independence means to you and together we will work to get you there.

What does financial independence mean to you? What are you doing this week to get you closer to achieving financial independence?

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