Can't Take It Anymore

If you are trapped, fed up, or at the breaking point in your life, today’s post is for you. You keep forcing yourself to get up each morning to go to the job you dread sitting at all day. You tell yourself that someday soon you’ll escape this place and go do something you are passionate about. The problem is that you are great at daydreaming of escape, but you fail to properly plan to do it or take action.

You continually focus on the day in the future when you no longer have to answer to the man and let years past you by without ever getting any closer to your freedom. You thought that saving a few dollars each month in an escape fund and getting out of debt would give you the guts to go out on your own. You were wrong.

No matter how much money you saved and had in your parachute, you couldn’t take the leap. You fear what would happen if you fail. Could you get another job if you quit this one? What would your family think? Would you have to go deep into debt?

You Settle

You keep the same mind numbingly boring job. You tell your friends you are going to quit soon, but never do. You throw your life into cruise control, stare at the rear view mirror and think about all the things you would have done differently in your life if you could do them over again.

Disconnecting becomes a habit that you can’t seem to break. Every night after work you end up watching hours of television, playing video games or staring a computer screen. You tell yourself that you need to disconnect. You tell yourself that you earned the right to escape from real life and deserve to take a break.

Everyday becomes a blur. You don’t realize that you are just wandering from Monday to Friday with no path. You’re exhausted from the week you collapse on the couch Friday evening. You go out to a party and try to forget the workweek.

If this is you, you need to stop what you are doing, take a few days off, and really think about what you are doing with your life. Time is the most valuable resource on the planet and you don’t want to needlessly squander what little of it you have.

Instead of looking in the rear view mirror, look out at the road ahead of you. Read the road signs pointing you towards freedom and take those exits. If you stay on the same path for the rest of your life you’ll be miserable. Quit taking shortcuts and make the decision to work hard on yourself first.

Instead of settling early in life, take some chances before you are tied down to multiple responsibilities. If you already have a family, house and life to take care of, don’t think that you are stuck. You are only as trapped as much as your mind thinks you are.

Make Time for You

  1. Set aside time.  Could be 10 minutes. Could be 3 days.
  2. Sit and think with no distractions. Turn off the phone. Don’t make plans.
  3. Write down your dreams. Anything you think of. Nothing is off limits.
  4. Make a plan to get there. Decide on a first step. Decide on what the finish line is.
  5. Immediately go take the first step towards accomplishing a dream.

Go change your life for the better.

Life, WorkCaleb Wojcik