Week Links #6: New Design Edition

Here are some of my favorite posts around the web from this week.

5 Tips for Improving Your Emails Habits Today

Todd gives some useful tips on how to manage all of the email you get bombarded with. I particularly agree with his tip about sending a quick note to someone if you are not going to respond for a while. (@ Fire Under Every Butt)

The Other Eight Hours

While the number may not be a full eight for you, don't take the hours in your day for granted. Spend time on what you are passionate about instead of loathing how you spent the rest of your day. (@ Blog of Impossible Things)

Humility in the Age of Overconfidence

I think confidence is an important trait to have, but Tyler touches on how one should keep their humility. I personally think that self-esteem and humility can co-exist in a person. (@ Advanced Riskology)

What MacGuyver Can Teach Us About Plan B

A post on how to be prepared for multiple circumstances and what you can do when life doesn't go exactly as planned. Can you tell that I'm a fan of how much passion Steve writes with? (@ Nerd Fitness)

What Tax Credits do I Qualify For?

Here is a timely post about credits that you don't want to miss when you are filling out your taxes this year. He even lists some of the most common credits that you want to be sure you include if you are eligible for receiving them. (@ Gen Y Wealth)

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