Week Links #4: New Theme Edition

You may have noticed that the other day I changed my Wordpress theme to Thesis. It's an incredibly easy to use and customizable theme with great support. I will be working on some branding, logos and a design scheme in the coming weeks, so you should see some changes to the look of the site. On to this week's roundup of articles around the web that caught my eye:

‘Gen Y Way’ In the Workplace Nick summarizes an article about the Millennials struggles in the workplace. (@ theYmightier)

Entrepreneurship: Year One From a new blog I just stumbled upon, Matt writes of his experiences after his first year as his own boss. (@ Life Without Pants)

The Inescapable Truth About Every Book, Guide, or Blog Post You'll Ever Read You can read all you want to try and improve your life but unless you DO something about it, you'll never change. (@ Blog of Impossible Things)

Should I Invest in a Roth 401(k) or a Traditional 401(k)? A great post that discusses the pro's and con's of each. This is a good supplement to reading my previous posts about Roth IRA's and 401(k)'s. (@ Gen Y Wealth)

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