Week Links #3: Too Many Lists Edition

When I get swamped at work or in my personal life I tend to make way too many lists. I put them on post-it notes, napkins, my ipod and dry erase boards. When I get too many of them I consolidate them into what? Another list. Here are some articles from around the web that have made an impression on me this week.

Specificity Matters For goal setting it is really important to be specific on what you are trying to achieve. Vague goals are less likely to be achieved and Joel Runyon explains why. (@ Blog of Impossible Things)

Finding the Elusive Work-Life Balance Leo Babauta writes about how to get some balance in your life by reassessing your view towards work. (@ Zen Habits)

Are you Acting Mainstream? Todd Clarke writes about how to challenge the norm and talks about how you can live your life differently. (@ Fire Under Every Butt)

11 Things I've Never Heard Anyone Regret Doing People tend to share what they have done in their life that they regret. R.J. Weiss explains a few things that people don't regret. (@ Gen Y Wealth)

(And just for fun) How to Survive a Zombie Apocalype Better safe than sorry, right? (@ Nerd Fitness)

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