Week Links #1: First Edition

Each Friday I link to posts by other bloggers that have inspired or educated me during the past week.

Flipping the Mental Switch for Success Trent Hamm writes about how to get into the zone and focus on being productive. (@ The Simple Dollar)

The Essential Zen Habits of 2010 A list of the top posts by Leo Babauta for the past year. A great resource! (@ Zen Habits)

My $132,683 Comcast Bill A guest post at GRS by Carl Hendley describes a forward outlook on his current Comcast bill (@ Get Rich Slowly)

Dangerous Places The world really isn't as dangerous as the media and skeptics make it out to be. Chris discusses his experiences. (@ The Art of Non-Conformity)

The Uncommon Start To A New Year Joel Runyon shows humility to start 2011 and writes of not meeting a goal he set. (@ The Blog of Impossible Things)

How to NOT Suck at Goal Setting At my new favorite blog, Steve Kamb writes passion filled post on the New Year's Resolutions (@ Nerd Fitness)

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