Financial Foundations Series: Introduction

For many people, money is a burden. They struggle to make their paycheck last until they get the next one. They are suffering under piles of credit card debt, car loans or a mortgage on their home.

They spend impulsively on possessions that become clutter and that they don’t ultimately need. They put off saving an emergency fund because they don’t know where they would find the extra money to funnel into a savings account when they can barely make ends meet. They don’t focus on making retirement savings a priority and think that they’ll just make it up later.

All of these burdens create more stress in their life and keep people from striving for the goals they want to achieve in their life. Without taking the steps to learn about the foundations of personal finance it is hard to decide where to start making a change in your current money situation. There are an infinite different number of places where people can be in their financial journey and without a destination it is easy to stray from the path by spending money needlessly.

Over the next few weeks, each Monday I will be posting a new series about the financial cornerstones that I find to be essential in getting one’s finances under control and turning it into a tool to create the life that you want. With this series I will describe some of the major areas of focus that are fundamental to freeing yourself from the stress of money and the shackles of debt.

  1. Spending
  2. Debt
  3. Frugality
  4. Emergency Fund
  5. Future Savings
  6. Earning
  7. Budgeting
  8. Goals
  9. Automation
  10. Learning

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