13 Kinds of Videos You Need to Make

It is easy to think of ideas for videos when you have a go-to list of different kinds of videos to make. If you're stuck only making how to or tutorial videos you can quickly get burnt out.

In this podcast episode we discuss thirteen different formats for videos, examples for each, and how to combine them to make compelling and engaging videos.

You'll take away a bunch of new styles you can use to switch up the format of your videos.

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The 13 Kinds of Video You Should Be Making

  1. Interviews
  2. Doc Style
  3. Creative Shorts
  4. Glam Reals
  5. Videos that will never get published
  6. Live Streams
  7. Reviews
  8. About (corporate)
  9. How To’s
  10. Behind the Scenes
  11. Testimonials
  12. Welcome Videos
  13. Sales Videos