Testing the "Tech YouTuber Lens" — Sigma Art 18-35mm f1.8 Review

I'd heard many tech YouTubers rave about the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art Lens, but I didn't fully realize how sharp and unique this lens is until I got it on loan from B&H. 

The ability to focus so close to an object at 18mm and shoot at f1.8 gives an amazing look to the footage (or photos). 

In this video I discuss whether if I were starting out and could only buy one wide-angle lens, would this be it?

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Caleb Wojcik
BEST Hard Drive for Video & Photo Editing? — Lacie 2Big 20TB Review

In this video I review the Lacie 2Big 20TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive and compare it to my Samsung SDD and Western Digital USB 3.0 HDD.

The ability to have just a single hard drive on my desk that has two enclosures to back up via a RAID system, can daisy chain to my Macbook Pro to charge it, and has SD & Compact Flash card slots makes this dock an all-in-one solution that I'll be using as my main hard drive for a while.

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Caleb Wojcikadv-gear
Loupedeck Review — The Adobe Lightroom Editing Console

This is Loupedeck. A photo editing console for Adobe Lightroom built specifically to speed up photo editing.

I won't make any promises like "it will DOUBLE your editing speed", but this is definitely faster than using a mouse to work your way down the adjustment sliders and both my wife and I noticed a decrease in how long it takes us to edit photos as well as a new found love for editing black & white photographs.

In this review I talk through what it is like to use it and how it made me enjoy editing photos again.

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Caleb Wojcikphotography
Canon C200 Review — From a C100 II & RED Owner's Perspective

Having owned a Canon C100 Mark II for three years and having just bought a RED Scarlett-W, the Canon C200 is an interesting cinema camera that fits in right between the two. 

Shooting beautiful 4K/UHD footage, having the best touch screen autofocus features on the market, and the ability to shoot RAW video all make the C200 an amazing upgrade for anyone used to filming on a DSLR like a 5D or has been using a C100 for years. Where it gets tricky is all the competition you have to compare it to at a price of $7,500 and the enticing options just beyond that budget range.

In this video review I breakdown the pro's and con's of Canon's latest cinema camera, share who it is best for, and what I might recommend instead.

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$150 Lens vs. $4,000 Lens — The Differences Between Still & Cinema Lenses

You've seen them. Huge lenses that put the puny lens on your DSLR to shame.

Using a larger, more expensive cinema style lens on your camera when you're filming will do more than just get you a ton of likes on your behind the scenes Instagram photos though.

There are a lot of reasons you’d rent or buy a cinema lens instead of filming videos with a still photography lens.

In today's video and article we discuss the differences.

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Why Vlogging is the Worst Way to Start a YouTube Channel

About a month ago my team and I were filming at ConvertKit's Craft + Commerce event and I was asked along with Levi Allen to give a workshop on why video is the biggest opportunity on the web right now and how to take advantage of it.

What follows is an hour long conversation about how to get more comfortable filming, why vlogging may not be the best format for you, which platform you should be focusing on, and what gear we recommend for video creation these days.

In this video we share why vlogging might be the worst way to start or grow a YouTube channel and much, much more.

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DJI Mavic Pro — 3 Must-Have Accessories

I got my first drone a few months ago, the DJI Mavic Pro, but I found myself not using it very much. Traveling with all the batteries and cables was a pain, daytime shots were too bright, and if I couldn’t fly it most places I went.

Thankfully I’ve found a few third party add-ons to help with all of these problems and I’ve been using it way more lately.

Here are some of my favorite accessories for the DJI Mavic Pro drone.

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SlingStudio Review — Livestream 4 Cameras to YouTube or Facebook Live Wirelessly via iPad

I’ve done a few multi-camera live streaming productions over the last couple years and they are always a ton of work (and hassle) to get setup properly. 

Beyond needing the proper HDMI or SDI cables run to all the cameras I needed a person switching camera angles, another person running an audio mixer board, an expensive piece of livestreaming software, everything set to the same frame rate, and more. 

Now there is a better solution for running a multi-cam livestream, by yourself, without any wires, using only an iPad. It is pretty incredible and it is called SlingStudio. 

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