Social Media Success Summit 2014
DIY Video with Caleb Wojcik

Thanks so much for joining me for SMSS 2014. Like I mentioned in my presentation, this page has links to all the gear, software, and videos I shared. Here is a PDF of the slides.

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Equipment + Software Mentioned


5 Kinds of Videos You Should Make

1. Behind the Scenes: McDonald's Photo Shoot

2. About/What We Do: Dollar Shave Club

3. Case Studies: Go Pro

4. Features/How to's: Asana's Tutorials

5. Reviews & Unboxings: The Verge iOS 8 Review


YouTube Channels That Encourage Participation

Epic Rap Battles of History

Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies

That's it for the presentation notes. Feel free to contact me directly via email or on Twitter if you have any questions.

Caleb Wojcik