Awesome, Let's Grow Your Reach

I'm stoked you're seeing some success from your videos and that you're looking to get more views and more subscribers which in turn, will help you make more of an impact in people's lives.

I'll be sharing a bunch more videos and podcasts in the coming weeks with you about how to grow your audience (both strategy-wise and technical tricks), but first...

One of the best ways to grow your future audience, is to let all the videos you've already made in the past work harder for you.

By the time you finish making a video, you've already put in a ton of work to plan, film, edit, and more, so setting up your YouTube channel and videos with proper branding, tags, upload defaults, and more often gets set aside.

To help get to started with growing your audience faster, I want you to listen to episode 64 of our audio podcast.

In this episode I chat with Tom Martin about how to properly get your YouTube channel fully set-up so your videos are more likely to show up in search and as suggested videos in the sidebar.

After listening you'll have a bunch of ways to make your YouTube channel look more professional and in turn help your videos rank even better than they do now.

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Take the time to listen to this episode with a pad of paper and take notes throughout of all the different things you can do to your YouTube channel and videos to help your content rank better.

Caleb Wojcik

P.S. You're going to start receiving a series of emails from me in which I will be continuing to point you towards resources that I wish I had when I first started creating videos. In each email I will help you build video filming skills, develop editing tricks, and determine which gear is best for your needs. See you then.