Get Paid (More) to Make Videos for Others

Fantastic. You're ready to earn money on the side or full-time by making videos for other people.

I've been self-employed, making six figures, while running my video production company since October 2014 and I've learned from many people and resources how to get clients, creating great work with them, and build a sustainable business.

One of those people that I've become friends with is Chad Owen, who has been freelancing as a video maker since 2010. 

In the audio podcast episode below we talk about how to feel comfortable charging what you're worth, how to properly sell your services, creating properly through budgeting and proposals, how to position video as a solution with an ROI for your clients, and when to invest in gear versus renting your equipment.

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Whether you're looking for your first client or you're booked up and are looking to hire, scale, and grow you'll get something out of this episode.

Caleb Wojcik

P.S. You're going to start receiving a series of emails from me in which I will be continuing to point you towards resources that I wish I had when I first started creating videos. In each email I will help you build video filming skills, develop editing tricks, and determine which gear is best for your needs. See you then.