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Where You Should Host Videos Online

There are a lot of different places online to host your videos.

In this video I walkthrough five different video hosts. I explain why you'd want to host on a free site like YouTube, give you the two best options for private video hosting, explain why iTunes video podcasts are an untapped market, and cover why video analytics and privacy are important factors in your decision. 

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How Wistia Makes Videos ft. Chris Lavigne (DVG 014)

Wistia is one of my favorite companies. I use their video hosting for my course, have learned a lot from their training videos, and they throw a heck of a conference.

That is why I wanted to chat with Chris Lavigne, who has been making videos for Wistia for almost four years, about how Wistia does video well.

In this episode I chat with Chris about getting stable handheld footage with a DSLR, working with many different people on camera, dampening sound in a studio, and why you should make multiple videos instead of just one video.

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