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How to Enter a Crowded YouTube Niche (ft. Dave Dugdale)

Dave Dugdale has been sharing his filmmaking journey on YouTube since he first got a Canon T2i in 2010. I stumbled across his videos a few years ago when I first bought a DSLR and was trying to figure out what camera settings to use.

In today's podcast episode I chat with Dave about how he transitioned from making videos about real estate to drive search traffic into teaching video production and making videos for a living instead.

We discuss why you might want to use a mirrorless camera like a Sony A7 series or Panasonic GH4 instead of a DSLR from Canon, give advice for making videos in a crowded niche, and why having a regimented release schedule for your videos might not be the best way to go.

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Is Consistent or Quality Content More Important?

Should you put a lot of effort into trying to make something perfect, even if that means you can only create videos irregularly? Or should you have a schedule and stick to it, even if you are releasing sub-par content?

In today's episode we debate consistancy vs. quality and which you should strive for most. 

We also discuss how you can go about achieving both, if you should even attempt to do that, and how the types of content you make may decide it for you.

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Should Your Videos Be an iTunes Podcast? (DVG 046)

If you're putting all this work into making videos, shouldn't you put them in multiple places for people to consume them?

Or are you hurting your reach on a platform like YouTube by also publishing to iTunes?

In today's podcast episode we discuss the pros and cons of having a video podcast, why you may or may not want to spend time on one, whether or not people even know podcasts can be in video instead of audio, and what service we use to host ours. 

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Why You Should Batch Your Videos

Making videos is extremely time consuming. That's why I always recommend batching.

Almost every step along the way to making a video can be batch processed. Determining your editorial calendar, copywriting titles, script writing, setting up your equipment, video editing, and more. 

The most productive part to batch while making videos is the actual filming stage. In this podcast episode we discuss not only why you should batch your videos, but how to get started doing so if you haven't already and our tips for how many you should actually create all at once.

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8 Reasons Your Videos Aren't Being Watched

More views. That's what you want, right? More people watching the videos you spent all that time to prepare, record, edit, and publish.

In this podcast episode we discuss why your videos aren't being watched at all or why people quit watching them part way through. 

Whether it has to do with how the video was made, that they aren't engaging, or how they're being promoted, this episode will give you eight tips to make sure your audience keeps showing up to watch your videos, clicks play, and sticks around for the entire thing.

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13 Kinds of Videos You Need to Make

It is easy to think of ideas for videos when you have a go-to list of different kinds of videos to make. If you're stuck only making how to or tutorial videos you can quickly get burnt out.

In this podcast episode we discuss the thirteen different formats for videos, examples for each, and how to combine them to make compelling and engaging videos.

You'll take away a bunch of new styles you can use to switch up the format of your videos.

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