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How to Get a Vimeo Staff Pick (ft. Levi Allen)

Today's episode brings you Levi Allen, a filmmaker out of British Columbia and Founder of Left Coast Media. Levi's most recent film 'Untethered' was featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick in December 2015.
In this episode Levi discusses how he started out making films, the importance of not letting gear stand in the way of creation, why he decided to begin vlogging, the story behind the making of Untethered and why he decided to release his film for free.

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Is Live Streaming Video a Fad or Here to Stay?

Live streaming video is all the rage. Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and YouTube Live are just a few of the platforms that people now use to live broadcast video after just a couple seconds of set-up. 

In this episode we ask: is live streaming video just a fad? We chat with five guests, add our two cents, and as you can imagine, we don't all agree.
We also discuss ways to make your live broadcasts better, why you may want to incorporate live streaming into your business, and what we see as best way to use live streaming (even if your audience is tiny).

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Get Over the Fear of Being on Video

For most of us, the idea of getting in front of the camera causes a certain level of unease or even fear. The good news is you can not only get past this fear, but actually develop a liking for being on video. 
In this episode we hear from five entrepreneurs who have overcome the fear of being on camera and in some cases, have become prolific YouTubers. 
We discuss why you are basically born afraid of the camera, how to overcome that fear, and give you some quick tips to help you along your way. 

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Creative Distance

When I had a desk job it was easy relax. I would come home, enjoy the weekend, or go on vacation without even thinking about work at all until I was pulling into the parking lot at my job.

But when you work for yourself, there are always tasks to do and when you work from anywhere, you can always be getting them done.

In this episode I talk about creative distance and how to remove properly yourself from your work. 

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How Long Should Videos Be? (DVG 047)

It's one of those questions that is best answered with "it depends" because there are so many variables, but there is a real answer if you dig deep enough.

How long should a web video be?

In this episode we discuss why the length of your videos should differ in length depending on the style of them, the platform they're on, whether you're entertaining or teaching, and what the goals for it are.

(And no, we don't just say "two to five minutes", which is what every other website on the web likes to recommend.)

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Why You Should Batch Your Videos

Making videos is extremely time consuming. That's why I always recommend batching.

Almost every step along the way to making a video can be batch processed. Determining your editorial calendar, copywriting titles, script writing, setting up your equipment, video editing, and more. 

The most productive part to batch while making videos is the actual filming stage. In this podcast episode we discuss not only why you should batch your videos, but how to get started doing so if you haven't already and our tips for how many you should actually create all at once.

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How to Be Better on Camera (ft. Pat Flynn)

Chances are, it will take you awhile to be comfortable on camera. Luckily there are a lot of ways to speed up that process. 

From public speaking and podcasting to livestreaming and doing webinars there are a lot of ways to get better on camera, be more engaging, and deliver to the camera without reading from a script.

In this podcast episode I chat with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income about how improving his public speaking has made him better and more comfortable on camera.

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7 Ways to Shoot Stable Handheld Videos

Unless you are Doug Liman on the set of the Bourne Identity shaky footage is pretty much the worst. Often times shaky footage is rendered unusable. 

Sure, you can attempt to fix it in post but there is no guarantee (other than the guarantee of pissing off your editor). There is however, a possibility people will think the camera operator has had 10 cups of coffee. Don't drink 10 cups of coffee.

In this installment of DIY Video Guy TV you will learn 7 tactics that will help you get that illusive, stable handheld footage. 

You can't always walk around with a monopod or tripod and you can't always fix your mistakes in post-production. Learning to record stable, handheld footage is a must. 

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13 Kinds of Videos You Need to Make

It is easy to think of ideas for videos when you have a go-to list of different kinds of videos to make. If you're stuck only making how to or tutorial videos you can quickly get burnt out.

In this podcast episode we discuss the thirteen different formats for videos, examples for each, and how to combine them to make compelling and engaging videos.

You'll take away a bunch of new styles you can use to switch up the format of your videos.

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