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Creative Distance

When I had a desk job it was easy relax. I would come home, enjoy the weekend, or go on vacation without even thinking about work at all until I was pulling into the parking lot at my job.

But when you work for yourself, there are always tasks to do and when you work from anywhere, you can always be getting them done.

In this episode I talk about creative distance and how to remove properly yourself from your work. 

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Which Video Editing Software Should You Use?

One of the questions I get the most is which video editing software I use to make videos.

I talked in detail about all the different options for video editing software in episode fifteen of the audio podcast, but I wanted an even quicker way to share my answer with people, so I put together a quick video.

In this episode I discuss 7 different pieces of video editing software, ranging from free to professional, and give recommendations on which you should use right now or in the future.

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Fighting Creator's Block, Artist Loneliness, & Procrastination (DVG 033)

When you're working on a video alone, it can be hard to push through a create on demand when you're traveling too much, overwhelmed by client work, or just not inspired. 

In the video production process it might be super fun when your filming, perhaps with different people involved in front and behind the camera, at a fun event, in a new location, but once you get back home or to the office and need to edit that video, it can get really lonely. It is just you, the footage, and an empty timeline in your video editing program. 

In this podcast episode I break down how to stay on track by pushing yourself to create, what to do with your downtime to make your creation time better, and how to stop procrastinating on those large video projects. I share four ways cure artist lonliness and the five steps for coming up with and then executing on great ideas.

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How to Shoot Cooking & Food Videos (DVG 028)

If you're shooting tutorial style videos, especially of a tangible skill like crafting, building, or anything else that uses your hands, you won't want to miss this episode.

In it I talk with Josh Smith of Cook Academy about what they've learned building up a library of training videos for people learning to become better cooks.

We discuss how to set up multiple angles properly, find a better locale than what you already have available to you, how to cut down on reflections from glass surfaces, and how to best teach using video.

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How to Fix Exposure While Editing Videos in Premiere Pro, iMovie, & Final Cut Pro X

If you sit down to edit your video and it looks too dark or too bright, you can usually fix it in post.

In this video I'll describe how to fix the your video's exposure while editing in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie.

And if you're using different video editing software than the ones I'm showing, the fundamentals are the same, so watch and then apply them to your app of choice.

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How to Edit Videos Twice as Fast (Video)

As if shooting videos didn't already take enough time, editing can take even longer.

But there is a little trick I picked up that helps me get through the first draft while editing a video in less than half the time.

Once you know it, you won't have to watch through all the footage you shot to pull out the best takes and delete the bad ones.

You can learn this trick in less than two minutes by watching the video in this post, on YouTube, or using iTunes.

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Which Video Editing Software Should You Use? (DVG 015)

Commenters on YouTube love to ask what cameramicrophone, and editing software are used to make the videos. Since I already covered the first two, today I'm answering the third.

I've used many different video editing programs over the past decade, but now I only use a couple. 

In this episode I talk through six different video editing programs (from free to pro) and help you figure out which one is best for you and your budget. I also share one bonus app that saves me a ton of time and frustration when I'm syncing video for multiple cameras with my external audio recordings.

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