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2015 Year in Review

Looking back at 2015 gives me a lot of reasons to celebrate. 

It was also very trying year though too. It started with my wife Jen's third round of surgery to remove cancer from her tongue. The success of that and no further appearances has helped fuel Jen's recovery back to almost full strength again. 

Her health challenges have pushed me to work harder, think bigger, make more, and take plenty of time to enjoy life, friends, and family along the way.

But before I look back on the rest of 2015, it helps to look back even further, going five years back to when I start doing work online. Each year while I do my annual reviews I read through my previous ones and I say to my former self, "Oh how little you know." 

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10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Video Editor (DVG 030)

Whether you don’t like to edit video, you’ve shot so much you don’t have time to get through it, or you’re just trying to outsource and focus on what you do best, hiring a video editor might be just the thing you need to consistently create and ship videos.

In today’s episode I talk with my video editor, Tim Krupa, about ten things you should consider before hiring a video editor.

We talk about the best ways to communicate before production about scripting and b-roll, what to expect in regards to contracts and payments, what web apps we use for video revisions with clients, and more.

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