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How to Raise $200,000 in 7 Days on Kickstarter (BTS of Freedom Journal)

Our last client project of 2015 was a Kickstarter video for John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. The Freedom Journal campaign just launched last week and John's launch team, which includes us and the video we made, helped the campaign raise over $200,000 in the first week.

In this video we give a behind the scenes view on the entire production process. From storyboarding and scripting to filming and editing, we cover the entire project.

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How Important Are Sales & Launch Videos?

With all the pressures on "going viral" during an big announcement online, sales videos are becoming bigger productions and you could be leaving a lot on the table by not creating a video to accompany a launch. 

However, if you are going to do it, you need to make sure you are doing it well.

In this episode we discuss whether or not sales videos are important, if you even need one, and how exactly it may benefit you and your audience. We also talk about how sales videos are just one part of a launch strategy and what else you should focus on. 

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10 Steps to Better On-Camera Interviews

Whether you're on camera interviewing someone else or you're behind the camera trying to get a strong interview out of your talent, there are some tricks to getting the best performance you can out of your interviewee.

In today's podcast episode we share ten steps to getting better on-camera interviews. We'll discuss the process we use on client shoots to have the interviewee be comfortable on camera, act natural, and sometimes not even realize we're already recording. 

We also share some gear recommendations for making sure you don't have to interrupt the interview and share how to get the talent to look at the interviewer, but really they're looking straight into the camera.

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How to Make a Compelling Event Video ft. Paul Searle (DVG 025)

I love attending conferences. 

I've shared many times before why, so I won't do that here, but to someone trying to decide whether or not to attend a conference for the first time, there are only two real ways to decide.

Either ask someone that has been there before or watch the event video, and your only option is usually the latter.

In today's episode I chat with Paul Searle, a freelance videographer who focuses almost exclusively on making videos for events. We chat about what makes a great event video, how to best record the talks, how he is livestreaming events to the web, and all the gear he uses to do so. 

If you ever need to record something that takes place live (weddings, sporting events, conferences, documentaries, etc.), this episode is for you.

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Professionals Show Up (DVG 017)

You know how some albums are "unplugged", without the professional editor going through and taking out the mistakes the musicians make? That's what this episode is like. No edits, just raw speech.

I woke up today with my rant pants on (patent pending) and I wanted to share my thoughts on the trouble with consistently releasing videos and podcasts, week after week.

In this episode I talk about what you need to do to make sure you keep showing up, how to take a sabbatical when you're overwhelmed, and what kind of systems you should build to make sure you don't miss a scheduled publishing date.

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Making $100,000 In 3 Days From A Video-Based Course ft. Sean McCabe (DVG 010)

Sean McCabe had become a successful hand lettering artist, with clients paying him thousands for design work, but he felt another need. 

After sharing his lettering work online, he started getting emails from people wondering where to even start with hand lettering.

He put a tutorial on his website and within a year 200,000 people had viewed it. Six months in he put an email opt-in form on the page and eventually spent three months on a new version of the page to promote his new video course Learn Lettering.

Fast forward to earlier this year, 15,000 email subscribers later, and Sean launched his video course to the tune of selling six figures in three days.

In this podcast episode I talk with Sean about his making his video course, his struggles with producing it all himself, and what he is learning now after just recently launching a daily video show.

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Blame Good Taste (Why Artists Don't Make Enough)

You see it everywhere. You look at it and cringe. Your friends just don't understand.

  • "Can you believe they used Papyrus for the font on that logo?"
  • "Who could drink that cheap beer? It's gross."
  • "You put sugar in your coffee?"
  • "Really? Who wears socks with sandals?"

Taste. Some people have it and some people don't.

In this post I'll discuss what you should do about what you make when it doesn't live up to your tastes, what my taste has hindered me from accomplishing, and what to do if you don't have good taste and want to develop it.

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