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Why Vlogging is the Worst Way to Start a YouTube Channel

About a month ago my team and I were filming at ConvertKit's Craft + Commerce event and I was asked along with Levi Allen to give a workshop on why video is the biggest opportunity on the web right now and how to take advantage of it.

What follows is an hour long conversation about how to get more comfortable filming, why vlogging may not be the best format for you, which platform you should be focusing on, and what gear we recommend for video creation these days.

In this video we share why vlogging might be the worst way to start or grow a YouTube channel and much, much more.

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How to Get Your First 100,000,000 YouTube Views (ft. Austin Evans)

Early mover advantage. Being in the right place at the right time. Luck.

These are all excuses in my book. Pick something, do it well, and keep showing up.

That's what Austin Evans has done on YouTube since 2007. He has nearly 1,200 videos live, almost a million subscribers, 117,000,000 views, and has become one of the biggest tech channels on the platform.

In this episode of the podcast I pick Austin's brain on how he got started making YouTube videos in high school, why it is important to connect and collaborate with other YouTubers, how he plans out and shoots his videos, and whether or not your competitors are good or bad for you.

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How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your Channel ft. Ryan Masters (DVG 024)

Paying for ads and not knowing whether or not you're getting anything out of them can be extremely frustrating. Especially ones that take a lot of work to produce like YouTube ads.

And getting more views isn't the only thing you can do with YouTube ads either. Channel subscribers, building your email list, and gaining actual customers are all possible from running YouTube ads.

In this episode I chat with Ryan Masters all about how to get started with ads on YouTube, how to properly track them so you know which ads have a positive return on investment, and what tools you can use to do so. We also talk at the beginning about how and why he changed his broad fitness channel to a more specific niche and what the results have been since.

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How to Make 200 Videos in 200 Days ft. Antonio Centeno (DVG 021)

What if you released a video every single day? How long do you think you could keep that up? What do you think the results of that would be?

Today’s guest on the podcast, Antonio Centeno, created 200 videos in 200 days and racked up over a half million views on them a few years ago. Fast forward to today and he has a YouTube channel about men’s fashion that has over 400 videos on it, with almost 15 million views, and over 227,000 subscribers.

In this episode I chat with Antonio about why he got started making videos on YouTube after seeing a competitor do so, his tips for batching the creation of his videos together, how to make your thumbnails more clickable, how he grows his email list directly from his YouTube videos, and why he embraced the DIY mindset when he first started making videos online.

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Making $100,000 In 3 Days From A Video-Based Course ft. Sean McCabe (DVG 010)

Sean McCabe had become a successful hand lettering artist, with clients paying him thousands for design work, but he felt another need. 

After sharing his lettering work online, he started getting emails from people wondering where to even start with hand lettering.

He put a tutorial on his website and within a year 200,000 people had viewed it. Six months in he put an email opt-in form on the page and eventually spent three months on a new version of the page to promote his new video course Learn Lettering.

Fast forward to earlier this year, 15,000 email subscribers later, and Sean launched his video course to the tune of selling six figures in three days.

In this podcast episode I talk with Sean about his making his video course, his struggles with producing it all himself, and what he is learning now after just recently launching a daily video show.

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