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SlingStudio Review — Livestream 4 Cameras to YouTube or Facebook Live Wirelessly via iPad

I’ve done a few multi-camera live streaming productions over the last couple years and they are always a ton of work (and hassle) to get setup properly. 

Beyond needing the proper HDMI or SDI cables run to all the cameras I needed a person switching camera angles, another person running an audio mixer board, an expensive piece of livestreaming software, everything set to the same frame rate, and more. 

Now there is a better solution for running a multi-cam livestream, by yourself, without any wires, using only an iPad. It is pretty incredible and it is called SlingStudio. 

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Is Live Streaming Video a Fad or Here to Stay?

Live streaming video is all the rage. Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and YouTube Live are just a few of the platforms that people now use to live broadcast video after just a couple seconds of set-up. 

In this episode we ask: is live streaming video just a fad? We chat with five guests, add our two cents, and as you can imagine, we don't all agree.
We also discuss ways to make your live broadcasts better, why you may want to incorporate live streaming into your business, and what we see as best way to use live streaming (even if your audience is tiny).

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What is The Future of Online Video?

Online video is a recent invention. YouTube has only been around for a decade. Shifting trends come rapidly, so staying ahead or at least keeping an eye out is important for anyone looking to succeed. 

In this podcast episode we speak with five video creators about what they think the future of video has in store in regards to attention spans, platforms, technology, and what to look out for.

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4 Things Every YouTuber Should Know About Mobile ft. Greg Hickman (DVG 019)

YouTube says that 40% of their worldwide watch time comes from mobile devices. 

And if you’re using annotations in your videos, such as telling people to click to subscribe or follow a link on screen, that is 40% of people that can’t click on them.

In this episode I chat with Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed about what you need to consider about mobile viewers when making videos for YouTube or the web. 

We discuss annotations, calls to action, how to convert viewers via SMS, and how videos made with your phone can be less produced and scripted than with a regular camera.

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