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How We Prepare For a Video Shoot

Creating a great video starts with a lot of preparation. 

Planning, scripting, storyboarding, having the right equipment, setting up said equipment, planning b-roll and more.

In this podcast episode we discuss our entire process for preparing for a video shoot. From what we pack to tips to save money while flying with equipment, you'll learn how we always have a backup plan for our backup plan

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9 Travel Video Lessons Learned in 3 Continents (DVG 032)

I've basically spent the past three months traveling for either client video projects, video conferences, or vacation. Through all the flights and carrying my camera gear to five countries in three continents I've compiled nine of my lessons learned from traveling while shooting video.

In this podcast episode I break-down in detail why you want to invest in proper storage and image stabilization gear, why you need a pocket-sized camera, how to use tools like reflectors when you don't have lights, and why wireless audio may be the best option.

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Lessons from Making 90 Client Videos & Spending $12,000 on Gear in 5 Months (DVG 029)

The last five months of "flying solo" have been an insanely busy juggling act of client work, launching this podcast, shipping YouTube videos weekly, my wife's two rounds of surgery and recovery from cancer, trips around the Holidays, and more.

I figured it was time to share a bit of behind the scenes on how things are going internally at my video production studio and what's next for DIY Video Guy.

In this episode I talk with my editor Tim about what gear investments we've been making (and why), what our workflow is (including all the programs and web apps we use), how video podcasting downloads have compared to YouTube viewers for the weekly video show, talk candidly about how video production for clients has been going, and tease version 2.0 of the DIY Video Production Guide (which comes out March 24th).

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What You Should Know & Do Before Hiring a Videographer (DVG 027)

If you're looking to hire a video person or team to come shoot videos for you, there is plenty to know beforehand and a lot to do that will help the project go as smoothly as possible.

In this podcast episode I chat with Wes Wages of Armosa Studios about what it is like to work with a videographer.

We cover everything from what to expect process wise, how to prepare to get the best result from your video team, whether or not it makes sense to make them travel to you or you to them, and tips on dissecting proposals and contracts. 

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How to Start Getting Paid to Make Videos for Others (DVG 022)

If you're making videos for yourself, there is a good chance that you might be interested in earning some money on the side or full-time by making videos for other people. 

I've been making videos part-time for a couple years, and full-time for the past few months, so I have some decent experience doing so, but in this episode I chat with Chad Owen, who has been freelancing as a video maker for the past 6 years. 

We talk about how to feel comfortable charging what you're worth, how to properly sell your services, creating properly through budgeting and proposals, how to position video as a solution with an ROI for your clients, and when to invest in gear versus renting your equipment.

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