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YouTuber Roundtable #1 ft. Armando Ferreira & Matt D'Avella

Have you ever seen the videos where a handful of stars from movies or television (like directors, cinematographers, actresses, etc.) sit and chat in a roundtable format with The Hollywood Reporter?

They have deep conversations and share things you don't hear in the quick press junket interviews they normally give. They last about an hour. I love them.

Anyways, I've always wanted to host and re-create my own version of that and I finally did it.

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How to Film in Log & Color Grade It in Post (Complete Workflow)

In today’s #AskLeb episode we talk filming in a log (flat) picture profile and share what steps we take to ensure that our colors come out true and vibrant after the color correction phase.

We tackle this question in a tutorial style. We first cover the camera settings used while shooting in Canon Log and then go into Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve to show you exactly how you can color grade your footage using LUTs.

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Should You Shoot in 4K? (& Mirrorless vs. DSLR)

4K video may be the future, but do you really need to be shooting in 4K or is 1080p enough? Also, why would you want to shoot in 4K even if you're not yet publishing at that resolution?

In this episode I chat with Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter all about 4K video and why you might want to start shooting in it.

We also have a discussion about the pro's and con's of mirrorless micro 4/3rds cameras vs. DSLR's and cinema cameras, specifically the Panasonic GH4 & G7.

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10 Steps to Better On-Camera Interviews

Whether you're on camera interviewing someone else or you're behind the camera trying to get a strong interview out of your talent, there are some tricks to getting the best performance you can out of your interviewee.

In today's podcast episode we share ten steps to getting better on-camera interviews. We'll discuss the process we use on client shoots to have the interviewee be comfortable on camera, act natural, and sometimes not even realize we're already recording. 

We also share some gear recommendations for making sure you don't have to interrupt the interview and share how to get the talent to look at the interviewer, but really they're looking straight into the camera.

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9 Tips for Setting Up a Home Video Studio

Most of the clients we shoot videos for ask us questions about how they can set-up their own video studio in their homes or offices. 

Studios are a great tool for being able to record videos quickly and consistently, so in this podcast episode we're going to share what we've learned building our video and audio garage studio as well as share our recommendations for how you should go about putting one together for yourself.

The nine tips cover determining what you want the studio to be used for, how to lay it out, determining what gear is must have, making it permanent, and tips for controlling sound and temperature.

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How to Make 200 Videos in 200 Days ft. Antonio Centeno (DVG 021)

What if you released a video every single day? How long do you think you could keep that up? What do you think the results of that would be?

Today’s guest on the podcast, Antonio Centeno, created 200 videos in 200 days and racked up over a half million views on them a few years ago. Fast forward to today and he has a YouTube channel about men’s fashion that has over 400 videos on it, with almost 15 million views, and over 227,000 subscribers.

In this episode I chat with Antonio about why he got started making videos on YouTube after seeing a competitor do so, his tips for batching the creation of his videos together, how to make your thumbnails more clickable, how he grows his email list directly from his YouTube videos, and why he embraced the DIY mindset when he first started making videos online.

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How to Build a Video Production Studio (DVG 020)

Having a dedicated space to shoot videos in is really helpful for increasing the amount of videos you can produce.

It can be hard to figure out the best place to set one up though and sometimes you need to use a space that has another purpose too (like an office, bedroom, living room, etc.).

In this episode Thomas Frank asks me questions again, but this time we chat all about creating a video studio in both a shared space and in a completely dedicated space (like a garage or studio).

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How Asana Makes Videos ft. Joey Dello Russo (DVG 016)

Making a team-based productivity app interesting in videos isn't easy to do, but Asana has done an amazing job of making high quality and engaging videos not only to market their app, but to teach and inspire people to use it as well.

Once I saw some of their videos I immediately wanted to find out who was behind them. Specifically, I wanted to know how they made the screen recorded sections of their videos look so good.

In today's episode I talk with Joey Dello Russo, an NYU film school grad that formerly worked at Asana and was the major creative force behind Asana's use of video. 

In it, he shares a ton of detail about the process for how he made each of the videos, how he got other employees at the company involved in them, and the steps he takes for making screen recordings look amazing. 

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