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What if you unfollowed everyone?

Let me know if this sounds like you. The alarm on your cell phone goes off and you roll over to hit snooze.

You grab your phone, open your email, open Twitter, open Facebook, open Instagram, open Pinterest, and your alarm goes off several more times while doing so.

What did you get out of the time you just spent scrolling through your various “streams”?

What if there was no “stream” for you to scroll through?

What if you unfollowed everyone for just one week?

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LifeCaleb Wojcik
Don't Fizzle Out Online

If you don't have a personal brand or platform online, do you think you'll be able to find a well-paying job or make a comfortable living in next five or ten years? The revolution of honest, online business builders is already underway. You can either join it, or get left behind.

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Life, Money, WorkCaleb Wojcik
Working for the Weekend

If you always have "a case of the Mondays", how are you supposed to feel most alive? Since when is trading five days of pain and agony to get two days of freedom a good trade? A preschooler wouldn't accept that offer.

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Life, WorkCaleb Wojcik