Sony 85mm G-Master Lens Review

I don’t typically choose to review lenses because there isn’t much to talk about or show other than comparing footage shot through it and there are so many variables (like what kind of camera it is attached to or compression on said footage) that I don’t really like even doing that.

This Sony G-Master series 85mm lens is different though. It is one of the few lenses I’ve used that actually has features that change how I might film or photograph something.

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Sony RX10 III Unboxing

In this video I unbox the Sony RX10 III, show you what comes with it, and I suggest two items that you should purchase alongside it.

With features like a 24–600mm optical zoom lens, 4K at different frame rates, 960fps slow motion, and crazy fast auto-focus, it is hard to dislike the Sony RX10 III. All in all, if push came to shove and I had to grab one camera off the shelf to use in any situation I think I would find myself reaching for it.

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Caleb Wojcik
How to Film in Log & Color Grade It in Post (Complete Workflow)

In today’s #AskLeb episode we talk filming in a log (flat) picture profile and share what steps we take to ensure that our colors come out true and vibrant after the color correction phase.

We tackle this question in a tutorial style. We first cover the camera settings used while shooting in Canon Log and then go into Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve to show you exactly how you can color grade your footage using LUTs.

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Behind the Scenes at WistiaFest 2016

This week I went to Boston to attend WistiaFest, a video marketing conference created by a video hosting company I use all the time: Wistia.

Today’s video is a behind the scenes vlog of my trip to WistiaFest. I made it to share with you a bit about what the event is like if you’re looking for video conferences to attend.

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